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Flint Plantation is the place to Savor Tradition.®©

In this “need it now” world, it’s nice to find something that is done with patience and pride. Where time-honored traditions and centuries-old methods are not only honored, they’re lived. Where environmental sustainability and animal welfare combine to create something so unique, so authentic, it changes the perspective of all who experience it. It transcends farming and redefines what it means to be responsible. Flint Plantation is all this and more.

Pineywood cattle are an endangered breed of “heritage’ livestock. We are producing beef that is of a rare quality, so new generations will know the Pineywood cow, as well.

 Georgia Grown

Price List

USDA Inspected | Hormone Free • Chemical Free • Antibiotic Free

*All prices subject to change

Filet Mignon$20.00/lb.
Petite Filets$16.00/lb.
Ground Beef$7.00/lb.
Stew Meat$7.50/lb.
Chuck Roast$7.75/lb.
Tri Tip Roast$10.00/lb.
Ox Tail$6.75/lb.
Cubed Steak$7.75/lb.
Rib Eye Steak$12.25/lb.
T - Bone Steak$13.25/lb.
Hanger Steak$10.00/lb.
Flank Steak$9.50/lb.
Sirloin Steak$9.50/lb.
Skirt Steak$9.00/lb.
Short Ribs
Tallow (Fat)
Soup Bones$2.50/lb.
Neck Bones
Pet Food
» Whole and Half Steers Based On Hanging Weight. Cut To Your Specifications