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Flint Plantation is the place to Savor Tradition.®©

In this “need it now” world, it’s nice to find something that is done with patience and pride. Where time-honored traditions and centuries-old methods are not only honored, they’re lived. Where environmental sustainability and animal welfare combine to create something so unique, so authentic, it changes the perspective of all who experience it. It transcends farming and redefines what it means to be responsible. Flint Plantation is all this and more.

Spanish goats are an endangered breed of “heritage’ livestock. We are producing chevon that is of a rare quality, so new generations will know the Spanish goat, as well.

 Georgia Grown

Price List

Boneless TenderloinApprox. 1/4lb. Very Tender$33.00/lb
Loin ChopsBone-In, Approx. 1 lb.$25.00/lb.
Whole Bone-In LoinApprox. 1 – 2 lb. per pack$21.00/lb.
Boneless Top Round RoastApprox. 1.5 – 2.5lbs. Best of the Leg$17.00/lb.
Whole Bone-In LegApprox. 2.5 – 4lbs. Large & Juicey Roast$17.00/lb.
Boneless Chuck Roast Approx. 2 -4 lbs. (Shoulder)$13.00/lb.
Stew Meat1 lb. packs$14.00/lb.
Osso BuccoApprox. 1.5 – 2 lb. packs, Lower Leg, Bone-In$8.00/lb.
Shank (Lower Leg)Approx. 1/2lb. packs$9.00/lb.
Ground Meat 1 lb. packs$11.00/lb.
Short Ribs - Bone-InApprox. 2lb. pack$7.00/lb.
Neck Roast – Bone-In Approx. 1.5 lbs., Crock Pot Special$8.00/lb.
Pet Food$7.50/lb.
Short Ribs - Bone-InApprox. 2lb. pack$7.00/lb.
Neck Roast – Bone-In$8.00/lb.